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72″ LG LZ9700 is the largest 3D TV set ever made! | 832-427-5026

Posted 30 March 2011 | News & Blog   

The 72″ LG LZ9700 is the largest 3D TV set ever made.The ingredients contain the largest 3D capable TV set to date: 72″ LZ9700 3D LCD TV, a demo phone and a mobile TV. Both TVs support ATSC format.
Even though, it does support mobile ATSC format. The previous largest 3D set was 60″ in size, so the new one has overtaken the old largest 3D TV by quite a few inches. LG hasn’t revealed the LZ9700′s specification yet, but what we know is the TV has LED backlighting, refresh rate of 480Hz, LG’s Internet Video and support for TV app store.

Now it’s time for the mobile TV. This one comes with a support for ATSC with glasses-free 3D technology. The smaller brother of the 72″ 3D-capable set is to have a data channel, which can be used in devices featuring two-way control.

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