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$99 TV PLASMA LCD for RENT HOUSTON 832-427-5026

Posted 21 January 2011 | News & Blog   

Houston Plasma LCD n Parts and Home Thater Installations


$99 PLASMA LCD TV for or to RENT

Weekly – Daily Rates

Minimum TV Size Rental
37″- 47″ Daily 99.99 | Weekly 399.99

50″- 58″ Daily 149.99 | Weekly 599.99

60″ – 75″ Daily 199.99 | Weekly 799.99

All of Our TV Rentals Have These Capabilities

- Bright, brilliant display
- Connects to any computer, DVD player, VCR, cable/satellite box, or other video input device
- Optional HDTV compatibility
- Tabletop stand included


Must leave a deposit in order to rent from us at Plasma LCD n Parts and Home Theater Installation

( Example, You must leave half of what the TV is worth. If the the TV is worth $900, your deposit
will be $450 Plus the daily delivery and rental charges )

Delivery Policy

Our $49 standard round-trip delivery rate applies to most orders placed in advance (1 day ahead of time). Round-trip delivery for same-day service is $49. After-hours delivery, as well as orders for some bulky equipment, may incur additional charges.

To ensure that you get the best rate possible, one of our representatives will always call or email to confirm your information, regardless of your order size or scheduled delivery time.

If you have ordered set-up or other services, your equipment will be delivered by one of our friendly technicians.

What’s My Start Date?

Your rental start date is the first day that you will actually use the equipment. For instance, if you need a Flat Panel TV for a meeting on Thursday morning, your start date will be that particular Thursday at the time and date of Pick or Delivery.

( Please be aware that deliveries placed in advance may arrive the day before your rental start date. From the example above, your TV may be scheduled for delivery on Wednesday evening, but you will not be charged for having the item a day early. )

How Do I Determine The Number of Rental Days?

Rental days only include the days that you’ll actually be using the equipment. For instance, if you need a TV for Saturday and Sunday, your number of rental days will be 2.

( Example, your video TV might arrive on Friday afternoon and be held through Monday morning, but you will only be charged for the two days that it’s in use.)

If equipment is rented for only 1 day for same day rental, even if the TV is NOT within a 24 hour period you will be still be charged a 24 hour time period.

( Example, only need the rental for 6 hours you will still be charged a 1 day rental charge )

To select the appropriate number of rental days, simply indicate how many days you’ll be using the items. Do not worry about including days where the items may be in transit.

We are very good On same day rentals and same day pick or delivery.

What’s my event start time?

Your start time is the actual time that your meeting, presentation or event is taking place. If, for example, your event is tomorrow morning at 9:00am, simply let us know.

The reason we ask for this is because it helps us determine the delivery time for your equipment. For instance, if we know your meeting doesn’t start until 9:00am on a Wednesday, we can get your equipment to you early that day, like … 8:00am . If however, your meeting were to begin at 7:00am that same Wednesday, we would deliver your equipment the day before in order to give you plenty of time in advance.

What does the accidental damage insurance cover?

The 5% insurance covers any non-intentional damage incurred to the equipment during your rental period. It does not cover loss due to gross negligence, or equipment that is lost or stolen.

Please be aware that this does NOT include weather-related damage, so it’s advised that you avoid adverse climate conditions if using the equipment outdoors.

It’s also important to note that the 5% insurance only applies to products, rather than your entire order. Items like QuickSetup or Technician Service will not be factored into this charge.

Homes, Hotels, Office Buildings, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, and all venues | commercial and residential in Houston, Texas are real showplaces! We have done it all many places and thousands of satisfied customers. Why not really make it special with a Home Theater System from Plasma LCd n Parts and TV Installation! Home Theater Systems can beautify your home. As there are many different options based on your budget, you can start out with a 27” TV, a DVD Player, a stereo system, and speakers all the way up to high-end projectors with a powerful speaker system that the neighbors can hear!

The Home Theater professional at Plasma LCD n Parts have a vast knowledge of the latest products on the market to ensure that you get the best products available. Plus, We are very skilled with the installation of any Home Theater. When we are finished with the installation of your new Home Theater, you will have something that all of your friends and family will be very pleased with. 80% of our business are returning customers and referrals !

The top retail manufacturing brands for Home Theater, Plasma TV & LCD television as well as IPTV Networks call on HD Installers to
perform Home Theater, LCD and Plasma TV installation services for their customers. These companies know the value of customer
satisfaction and that they count on HD Installers to deliver what we promise, the perfect installation experience from a certified and
licenced HDTV installer.

Certified HDTV Installation Company, for top quality flat panel television wall or ceiling installation services at
commercial or residential locations than any other installation company. And now with our Pick Your Price Installation Service and our Best
Installation Price Guarantee you don’t have to spend your valuable time looking for the best price to install your LCD or plasma television.

Call 832-427-5026 and talk to an Installation Consultant at HD Installers and get our Best Installation Price Guarantee!! For all of your Home
Theater, HDTV, Wall Mount, HDMI CABLE, or PLASMA LCD LED 3D TV installation needs. HD Installers is here for all your LED, plasma and LCD TV installation needs call today!


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