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Posted 18 September 2010 | News & Blog   

Plasma LCD n Parts is a GREEN Company of Houston Texas. Recycles wasteful material.

Before you trash your old TV set for any reason, consider that many municipalities have banned TVs from landfills.

And for good reason, since your old set contains up to eight pounds of lead, a poison that can cause nervous system damage. Lead is there to protect you from radiation while it’s still in your TV, but when the TV is crushed in the garbage truck and then in the landfill, bad news: that lead is going to leach out.

Unfortunately, you can’t just drop off the TV at the local thrift store or recycling center and call it a day. Some charities don’t accept used TVs anymore since the cost of disposing of broken sets is too high to offset the money they could make by selling working ones.

And some unethical recycling firms charge substantial fees to recycle old sets and then just ship the old TVs overseas.

You can’t leave the old set sitting on the curb. Instead, try giving us a call :

Plasma LCD n Parts and Installations

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