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Posted 07 March 2011 | News & Blog   

Plasma TVs are ultra thin flat screens that produce blacker blacks and whiter whites and make movies and television shows look amazing. Plasma TVs produce astonishingly deep colors, are bright and have a wide viewing angle.

Plasma TVs are thin, some less than four inches, and are popular in large TVs over 37 inches. In large sizes, they are often less expensive than LCDs and produce a slightly better picture quality. They support HDTV and have a life span of up to 60,000 hours, which is about ten years with an average of over eight hours a day before you lose picture quality.

Because plasma TVs are affordable in large sizes, work best in dimly lit rooms, and produce brilliant color, they are perfect for movies. However, there is some chance of burn-in, so they are not the best type of TV for gamers or sports fans.

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What to Look for in a Plasma TV

Choosing to buy a new television is often a costly decision. Most plasma TVs cost thousands of dollars and employ technology unfamiliar to most. While researching, take both expert and user reviews into account as well as the value of the television. When deciding which TV to take home, look for these important features:


Most plasma televisions are HD compatible; meaning they have a resolution of 720p, 1080i, 1080p or higher. This makes them great for watching high definition movies and television programs. The television’s HD capacity is measured by it’s screen resolution (the number of horizontal lines by vertical lines on the TV’s display.) The higher the resolution the better the potential picture quality. That means picture quality is dependent on both the television resolution and the signal received. If the signal is not HD the picture on the television will not have the expected HD quality.
Screen Size
Plasma televisions are known for their excellent picture quality on large screens, 37 inches or more. When choosing a plasma television take into account screen resolution (usually 720 vertical lines or more) and screen size. The larger the television the more resolution needed for the best picture possible.
Contrast Ratio
Since plasma TVs are known for their extremely dark blacks and vivid whites, contrast ratio is important. Look for televisions with the largest difference between numbers, 10000:1 is a common and desirable ratio.
Screen Brightness
Usually overlooked, the brightness of a plasma television often determines the life of the television. Look for a TV that allows for brightness adjustment. If the brightness is set too high, the television screen may quickly suffer from burn-in and significantly shorten the plasma TV’s backlight life.

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