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Posted 02 September 2010 | News & Blog   

Plasma LCD Installation, Mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall clears up floor space, becomes part of the décor and provides a good viewing area. The modern look you always wanted. PLASMA LCD N PARTS & INSTALLATION will show you how to conceal the A/V wires. With the price of monster deal and great savings, flat-screen wall-mounted TVs in the affordable range, they are increasing in popularity. To complete the look, hide the wires from the TV so the screen becomes another frame on the wall.


- Make sure the area is clear behind the drywall before drilling . A small test hole can help. Use a hand saw, not electric.

- Look for brackets – wall mount that help with wire and cable management, mount the Flat Panel a the end.

- Concealing A/V wires behind the wall works for dry wall as a do-it-yourself. If you are looking at a brick wall-no pun intended- get some professional help.

- Make sure that the stud in the wall can support the weight of the Flat Panel.

- Plasma LCD N Parts and Installations offers in-home services to mount wall flat panel TV screens and hide the wires. This is a better option for the non-do-it-yourselfer.

Step 1
Connect the A/V wires ( HDMI CABLES, RCA, RGB, VGA, DVI, S VIDEO, OPTICS ) to the television and hang the TV on the wall according to the manufacturer’s directions. The wires should be hanging down from the television.

Step 2
Center the wire and cable cover on the wall under the television wall mount. Use the hole cover in this case a face plate to draw the circle .Drill holes into the wall through the mounting holes in the wire cover. Set the cover aside.

Step 3
Draw another circle directly underneath the marked circle that was drawn underneath the wall mount. Make sure they are flush with the wall.

Step 4
Feed the wires into the top cover hole, ( in this stage you might just might want to use a snaking tool) until length needed or slack to go through one end to the other. with the television and is against the wall. The mounting holes on the cover should match the location of the bottom wall face plate cover onto the wall.

Step 5
Pull all the wires through, (top through the bottom).

Step 6
Connect the A/V cables in this case HDMI Cables to the Plasma LCD LED or 3D television.

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